Thursday, February 21, 2008


The boys wanted to watch the "Pirate" movie today ("Muppets Treasure Island").  I forget sometimes how funny that movie really is!  (The part where Kermit and Miss Piggy are strung upside down, about to die, and are singing "Love led us here..." always cracks me up!)  After the movie there was a lot of pirate fighting with army action figures - which had to stop for lunch.  Johnny ate as fast as he could then grabbed a paper and pencil and drew this picture all on his own.  I thought it was great!  There's a captain and a princess and a pirate all on a pirate ship.  See if you can figure out who's who....   :)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Note From Damien

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holidays are for relaxing...right?

It's been a busy weekend for us!  The boys left to spend the holiday with their Daddy Scott and, as usual, I planned for way too much.  I always try to plan our "fun" things and big projects on the days that the boys are gone, so that I can spend more time with them when they're here.  Here are just a few of those things we got to this weekend...

Friday night we were able to go on an actual date!  (Imagine that.)  We went to dinner (ate too much) and saw the movie "The Bucket List".  It wasn't our first choice of movies for the evening, but it happened to have the right showtime.  We were pleasantly surprised though - it was a good movie with lots of laughs and a very nice ending (I thought).

Saturday morning I went ice fishing with my Dad again.  It was good that Johnny was gone this week because it was FREEZING!  The fish must love the cold however because we caught a total of 21 fish that morning!  Dad won in the overall competition  (he caught 11 to my 10 fish) but I won with the largest fish of the day at 22 inches.  What a day for fishing!

Saturday afternoon consisted of sudoku races with Michael, watching "Becoming Jane" with Kristie, and making a fool of myself to get the attention of Kristie's little Vincent.  That has to be one of the cutest babies I've seen in a long time!

Saturday evening was spent in the packed, screaming, "white-out" crowd at the Marriott Center cheering on BYU to a 29 point victory against UNLV with my sisters.  It was a great game and we had amazing seats!  (Thanks Michael!)

Sunday at church was full of scrambling.  Michael was conducting in Elder's Quorum and there was no prepared lesson so he had to teach on the fly.  A bunch of our primary staff ended up sick so we were all scrambling there too.  I ended up throwing together a quick message, playing the piano for singing time, helping a teacher prepare for her third hour lesson, and sitting with a class to help out a substitute.  Luckily we all made it out of there just fine.

Sunday evening we tried out the new "Transformers Risk" game that I got Michael for Valentines Day.  (Romantic, huh?)  Michael and I played with my younger brother Matt who made the best, most devious treaties anyone has ever seen to sweep the booth of us off the board!  It was very fun though!

Monday morning was spent ice fishing again.  It was beautiful weather!  Too bad the fish like it when it's colder.  We only caught 8 that day - 6 for me and 2 for my dad.  (Hah!  Beat you this time Dad! )  The beauty of the snow made up for the lack of fish.  As we first drove in, the sun was just coming up and it cast the most beautiful soft-pink glow to the snow, along with making the snow sparkle.  It made me feel like we were driving to some sort of Disney fairy-land.  Then, as we were walking to our fishing spot, the lightest of breezes picked up these miniscule bits of snow and sifted them through the air.  The sun, though not making it pink anymore, made those bits of snow sparkle in the air all around us.  It was breathtaking!

Monday afternoon was spent resting (thank goodness!), ignoring laundry, and playing games with Michael.  Then Monday night we had our last soccer game for this session.  I was exhausted from the weekend, but still played pretty okay.  Luckily the others on my team were playing better and we actually won!  Kudos to Uncle Johnny for his amazing goal!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This past Saturday was finally successful for our ice fishing efforts!  It was sunny and very, very slushy but we finally found a spot with lots of fish biting.  I caught four fish and my dad caught one.  One of those that we caught was just small enough that we could keep it.  (When ice fishing if the cutthroat are between 15 and 22 inches you have to throw them back.)  Johnny took the fish to his Daddy Scott's house where they cooked it for him.  Johnny said he ate pretty much the whole thing and loved it!


Taking one for the team

I've had my fair share of strange burns in my life.  From a screw-shaped burn on my finger (a hot frying pan with a hidden screw in the handle) to a crescent and three dots blister on my forehead (from wearing a baseball hat backwards too long at girls camp).  But this one takes the cake!  It's a soccer ball burn/bruise from my game last week.  It was crazy how well the hexagon shape turned out!  It looked lots worse than it felt, and was a beautiful shade of purple/green for a few days.  I'm quite proud of it actually.  :)


Friday, February 8, 2008

A New Ride

Hello all! I thought it was about time that I did this whole "blog" thing. It seemed like the best way to keep in touch with those family and friends that we don't get to see very often. I have to admit, though, I barely know what html is let alone how to write it, so I apologize for the simplicity of this page.

I'll start with a brief update on what we're all doing at the moment. (Okay, in reality at this exact moment Michael is at work, Damien is playing at the neighbor's house, Johnny is drawing a picture of Spongebob Squarepants and I'm typing. But you know what I mean...)

Michael is working on his last semester at school and will be graduating with his Juris Doctorate this April. During his free time he plays "pretend" with the boys, plays and loses at Sudoku races with me (sorry Michael - but it's true), and plays with his stock market equations on his own.

I (Emi) am trying to keep up with the laundry on a constant basis. At least that's what it feels like. :) I'm also playing on an indoor soccer team which has been really fun (except for the remind-me-how-out-of-shape-I-am bit). And now I'm going to try and post to this blog often enough to make it worthwhile for you to read it. We'll see how that goes...

Damien is a Sunbeam now and he has mixed feelings about it. Sharing time is hard because I'm in there and he wants to be doing whatever it is I'm doing. Especially when it has anything to do with tape or chalk! He seems to do pretty well when he leaves for class though. He's also surviving the winter by creating vast imaginary worlds in his room. It's great to listen to him play, but it breaks my heart that he doesn't like the snow! We tried to get him to play in the snow at my Grandpa Cox's house, but he didn't last for very long. He turned around right as I tossed a snowball at his back and took it full in the face. (Poor guy!) Sarah had a great time laughing at my expense because of it. :)

Johnny, on the other hand, LOVES the snow! He had a blast building an igloo at Grandpa Cox's and has been going ice fishing with me and my Dad every Saturday morning for the last month. We have yet to catch a fish that we can keep, but at least we're catching them!