Saturday, July 12, 2008


So someone told me that there was no where to comment on my blog and I looked at it and realized that she was right!  Somehow that got turned off on my page.  (I have NO idea how that could have happened because I'm a PRO at this who blogging thing.  HTML is my middle name!)  ;)  It should be fixed now so that my new posts will have a place to comment.  Thanks Hil!


weebie parkes smith said...

hey Micheal and Emi this is Jerica. How are you guys doing up there. Im stuck listening to my brothers pirate songs. Ilove you all and i hope to see you soon.;)

Love Ya
(the Weeb)
P.S. tell the boys i said hi!!;)

Emi said...

The boys say "hi" back! :)