Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's been a little while...

It's been a little while since I've posted anything.  Or maybe a long while.  But a major reason for that is I haven't taken any pictures since October and my writing is not that interesting all by itself.  However, if only for Becca's sake, I will attempt to say something interesting today.

We named my big toe on my left foot this morning.  It's true.  Dad and I went on our first ice fishing expedition this morning which was great even though the fishing was extremely slow.  We couldn't make it out to our hot spot, so we had to settle for dismal fishing results.  (Dad caught one - I got a bite but the fish came off before I could reel it in.)

If you've ever been ice fishing you know that it's easier to stay warm if you're moving around.  Usually I move around by catching lots of fish, but today it was slow and I started to get cold.  The first thing to get cold was my big toe on my left foot.  He heard me say something about it that got mixed up and I'm not sure how but the next thing I knew my big toe was named "The Dude".  We had updates on The Dude throughout the rest of the day.  The Dude is warmer now, The Dude got cold as soon as I took my boot off, etc.

The Dude has now gone down in ice fishing history and will forevermore be consulted about the weather conditions.  At least as long as the fishing is bad.  (Which won't be long.)