Friday, April 30, 2010

John John

I was telling one of Johnny's teachers from last year that she could check out our blog to see some new pictures of him, and then realized that I only had like two pictures of him over the last year. SAD! So here I am, posting pictures of Johnny, for no other reason than he is awesome and I feel guilty. I'm a bad mom. Or at least a bad blogger mom.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The New Office!

The pictures were taken by my cell phone (so they're not that great) but you have to see Michael's new office! It is great!

I'm excited for him and this new stage in our life. A new law firm. Parkes Law Firm, PPLC. Don't ask me what PPLC stands for, I can't remember. :)

This is the lobby of his building. And no, Damien is not playing the flute in the background. He's posing with his sword.

This is his sign in the lobby. I dare you to say Lash Glam five times fast.

The stairs up to the second floor. Isn't that chandelier beautiful?

The sign at the top of the stairs.

Outside his office.

Inside his office! His bookcases and his piles of law books aren't there yet, but you get an idea at least of how it will look. The window in the back has an awesome view!

Okay now this... well this is a writing desk that sits outside of Michael's office that is gorgeous! It's just there for decoration, but it's fully functional and beautiful and I really, really want to take it home!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why I can't use my brain...

This is how it went...

Me: Johnny, you're so smart!
Johnny: Yeah. But moms know everything.
Me: (Laughing) Yup. Moms know everything.
Johnny: No wait! GRANDMAS know everything!
Me: What?!
Johnny: Uh huh! Watch mom... what's eleven times eleven?
Me: Um.....
Johnny: See! You don't know what it is! (This was declared after 3 seconds, by the way.)
Me: Hang on - I'm figuring it out...
Johnny: Nope! You can't use your brain!
Me: ... (I was stumped. And laughing. A lot.)

You're right Johnny. If I can't use my brain then I don't know everything. It's a rare thing to know everything instantly and intuitively without using your brain.
Grandma's have all the fun.