Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Balloon Man

Damien introduced us to his balloon friend last Sunday.  He started out by saying, "He doesn't ever go to church."

There was a moment of panic as I thought, "Oh no!  Do I need to use this moment as a teaching opportunity for how we can invite friends to church?  Am I going to have to bring Balloon Man to church?!"  But I saved the day with a "balloon men don't go to church but people do!" conversation.  Genius.

Balloon Man was very fun and ever changing.  He started out with just a hat, moved on quickly to a face and hair, had his face and hair inadvertently transferred to Damien's face and hair (marker does not dry on balloon men apparently), received a good bath, and finally wound up with the hat again.  Balloon Man has continued the trend by transforming into a soccer ball, a pillow, and a diffuser for the flashlight.

Well done, Balloon Man.

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Bonnie Parks said...

I love it! And the quick (and truly genius) thinking to avoid having to bring a balloon cracked me up!