Saturday, January 15, 2011

December Wrap-up

The continued lack of feeling-good-ed-ness resulted in a dearth of pictures for December.  (That was for you, Mom.)  This was my favorite of the very few that I actually took.

This wonderful Santa was amazing.  Not only did he take time with Damien (while he thought about what he wanted) he also performed a Christmas miracle for me when we had a last minute cancellation at our ward party.  I know that sounds like a little thing, but it was a big deal to me and is something I will never forget.

The Parkes family all got together over the holidays and we had a fun time playing games, eating food, and watching the kids play together.  (I should amend that to say they had a fun time doing those things. I spent most of my time in our room where I could feel miserable in private.)  While we were there Megan was kind enough to take some family pictures of everyone together.  (Although nobody was kind enough to tell me that my shirt made me look like I had a fat belly instead of a cute pregnant belly - sigh.)

My absolute favorite of the evening goes to the picture of the boys looking off into the sunset.  Michael's expression is classic!  Click on it and look at him closer...

I can tell you exactly what he's thinking, but I won't.  I'll let you come up with your own narration.  This makes me laugh every time I see it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

November Wrap-up

We're not that far from November, right?  Just humor me and say yes.

Thank you.

First it started with this (copied from my Facebook)...

Johnny kept coming to me asking me if he could build a board for a board game, a bird house, a sword, and then just two pieces of wood together for no real reason I could fathom. When I finally sat him down and asked what was going on he told me he just hasn't hammered any nails in a long time. Yup. Definitely a boy.

Then it went on to this... 

We bought some wood, some nails, and for three hours last night Michael and the boys were sawing, hammering fools. Our neighbor, Andre, caught a glimpse of them and had to come over to check it out too. Ladies... forget food. If you want to attract a man just start hammering something randomly. They will come.

And the finished product was pretty awesome.  Nicely done Johnny!

Damien, however, found his creativity in the bathroom.  "Look!  I'm Santa!"  I think Santa's sideburns have gotten a little out of control...

To finish up the highlights, the biggest excitement in November also accounts for my lack of blogging.  We're expecting a baby!  It's been a long time coming and Michael and I are excited and overwhelmed.  In a very good way.  :)  What does that have to do with blogging?  Baby = stomach mutiny & exhaustion = lack of desire to do anything = no blogging.  I'm still pretty sick, but I'm trying not to let it get to me as much.  Determination or Denial?  We'll see how it goes.