Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 46

Living room painted!  So much better.

Day 45

My awesome helper.  Isn't the blue so much better than the old green?

Damien was a little more creative with his painting.

Day 44

This doesn't show the real color very well, but... laundry room painted!

Day 43

The new laundry room - taped, spackled, primed, and ready to be painted.  I wanted to do the easiest room first (read: smallest and least noticeable) so that I could get through my learning curve there.  It's my first time painting a room, after all.

Day 42


Day 41

Uber-cute Jack having fun with Michael's cane at church.  He was pretty dang good at balancing that thing too!

Day 40

I have great plans for the boys room...

Day 39

Took pictures of the new apartment.  These are a few choice favorites...

The kitchen.  With the wallpaper.  And the matching oven mitt.  Classic.
The person you can't see very well is Nice, my new landlord/my cousin's wife.  She's the one who is letting us choose our own colors to paint.  That makes her very wonderful and very loved - and you will see why in just a second...

This just makes me snicker every time I see it, but I think it will have to go.  How can you take a bathroom seriously when it has a Spongebob toilet seat?

Aaaah.  And here it comes.  Our favorite room....

Wall number #1 - dark maroon.

Wall #2 - dark maroon stripes.

Wall #3 - dark maroon

And a fan painted to match.

This is why we love Nice right now.

Day 38

I had to get a picture of this before we packed up the boy's room.  Damien had a hankering once to cut out some magazine pictures and tape them too the wall.  These were added to in later years with the additions of the name paper, the primary sticker, and the yarn.  (Again with the yarn. Hmm.)  It's been there, on their bedroom wall, for at least 2 years.  Damien had a hard time taking them down.  So did I.

Day 37

After.  Sorry - no before for this one.  On Wednesday I emptied out this armoire and packed up most of the family room stuff we didn't need.

Day 36

Packing the laundry closet - Tuesday.

... and after.
Not as impressive, I know.  I was really tired after Monday's packing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 35

Packing during my spring break -  Monday.

... and after.

Day 34

Snow in April.  This had me laughing out loud all morning.  I loved the beauty and pure fun of it all!

Day 33

Not a good picture of me, but I love the twin tummies.  We're in the home stretch now...

Day 32

Best BBQ beef ever.  I love it when Michael cooks.

Day 31

Johnny's first game of the season.  This was taken during one of his few breaks, which is why he looks so red and tired.  He should be tired - scoring the first goal and then six more after that.  Seven goals!?!  That's my boy!

Day 30

Day 29

First game of the season.

Day 28

See the "WIN" on the left?  That would be me.  And that's my little blue guy doing a little dance.  See the "LOSE" on the right?  That would be Michael.  And even though you can't see it, his guy is twitching in what looks like death throes.  Aaaah.  Sweet victory.