Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 71

Day 70

We made cookies for all those from our old ward who helped us move.  (By the way... best Elder's Quorum ever.  EVER.)  The boys wanted to doorbell-ditch them and we thought that sounded like fun.  The boys had a blast ringing and running with only a few hiccups.  One was right outside his door so we couldn't ditch them.  One, we found out later, was gone for a week and then found them, old and stale, lying by his front door - ew.  But this one was my favorite by far.  Their door was open but they had a closed screen door.  Johnny was the one to take them up.  When he got back to our car he was shouting "Go! Go! Go!"  When we asked him why he was laughing so hard he said, "Their door was open and I had to knock and then I heard someone say, 'Hello!'"  We asked him what he said back and he told us, "I just RAN!"  :)  Awesome.

Day 69

(Look at Damien's toes. They were like that the whole time he read to Evan.)

Day 68

Love those freckles.

Day 67

Our first garden.

Day 66

New haircut.
(I promise I wasn't driving when I took this picture.  I was parked and the truck was driving past me.)

Day 65

"Farmers chew weeds like this because they only get paid one dollar a week."

So that's why they have to eat the weeds?


Day 64

Day 63

One of my preschoolers made this guy out of dominoes.  I thought it was super creative and really loved the hair styling.  :)

Day 62

So close.  He was just sooooo close!  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I ended up smiling and then taking a picture.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 61


Day 60

My parents found this the other day hiding at their house.  It was the big poster check we got when we won our wedding package.  I had no idea what to do with it and was about to throw it away when Damien asked if he could draw on it.


In case any of you were wondering, this is what our new place looks like.

This is my favorite part.

Day 59

Usually we have a soccer ball with us at Johnny's games that Damien likes to take and kick around while they're playing.  We forgot it this time and so Damien had to come up with other things to do for entertainment.

The first game was the Unstrap-your-velcro-and-kick-up-your-shoe-as-high-as-it-will-go game.

Then there was the Shoe-soccer game played with Grandpa.  (-1 point if it went on the field, +1 if you got it past Grandpa.)  That was followed by the If-you-touch-the-net-in-the-goal-Grandpa-will-hunt-you-down game, the Dig-in-the-tree-dirt game, the Read-a-book-in-the-dirt game, and then another round of the If-you-touch-the-net-in-the-goal-Grandpa-will-hunt-you-down game.

Day 58

Instant replay at the pinewood derby.  It took them about three minutes of watching the footage to proclaim Johnny the loser of the closest race of the night.  Boo.  Watching them huddled around the video camera, however, made up for the disappointment.  We were all cracking up!

Day 57

Day 56


Day 55

The heart Damien made me out of dirt.  I love being a mom to boys!

Day 54

All empty.

This was our home for the last 5 years and now it's just an apartment again.  It's weird seeing it that way when all my memories are of pictures and clutter and laughter and people and comfort and work and... home.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to close the door and walk away for the last time.  A lot harder.

Day 53

The only good thing about waking up this early in the morning...
... all the beautiful sunrises.

Day 52

Day 51

Remember this room?

It now looks like this...


Day 50

Reason #2 why my dad is cooler than your dad:

He tries to make me a better person.

This may need slightly more explanation.  The picture above is a part of our "To Do" list we were working on to fix up some things in our new place.  The master bathroom vanity needed to be replaced so it went on the list.  Dad read that and thought he should add two more words...

Day 49

The dreaded Purple Hand Man has struck again!

Day 48

The cute little outfit that my friend Ester brought me back from France.  If I remember correctly she said it says something like "Tomorrow I begin again the trouble-making."  I love it!

Day 47

Reason #1 why my dad is cooler than your dad:

He makes me painter's tape plants to decorate my new home.