Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 92

Mother of boys: the one who finds weapons around the house.

Day 91

Not a good picture... but seriously good cookies!

Day 90


Day 89

There is nothing more intimidating than the
pirate/cowboy/ninja/FBI agent.


Day 88

Day 87

And in this corner, weighing in at 10 lbs 6 oz, iiiiiiiiit's...LOGAN!!

(Serious awe for the sister-in-law.)

Day 86

It was a stunning chandelier.  Where was I?  Oh...

The bathroom.

Day 85

I love how creative they are.  They built this rock bridge between two mud puddles.  Expensive store-bought toys?  No, thank you.

Day 84

This tooth is as stubborn as he is.  It teases me, hanging there all skewed yet refusing to be pulled.  Also... it creeps me out.

Day 83

Day 82

We were on our way back to the car after a session at the temple and I started to pick up garbage that I saw on the ground.  Once we reached the car I noticed.... even the garbage at the temple is all white.  A tissue, a dryer sheet, a flower, and some styrofoam - it made me laugh!