Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 102

Damien's monkey sticker.  Where did he put it, you ask?

And you'd better believe I left it there all day long.  :)

Day 101

The last day of school always wears you right out.

Day 100

The teacher appreciation gift that I received that had me all teared up.  Not because it was such a nice gift  but because it reminded me of teaching a darling little girl to read.  I'm privileged to be a part of that.

Day 99

Teacher appreciation gifts.

Day 98

Surprise flowers.

Day 97

Day 96

My awesome co-teacher, Angie.  I couldn't have survived the school year without her.

Day 95

Casualties of mud weed wars.

Day 94

Damien came up with the most creative game...  You throw the bead necklace up in the air, let it land, and then figure out what picture it looks like.  (Like finding pictures in the clouds.)  We had so much fun playing it together, and Damien was really good at thinking up something it looked like.

I'm telling you friends - it's going to be all the rage come Christmas.  You'd better buy your bead necklaces now... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 93


I will, however, tell you what I wished I had taken a picture of...

On this day Damien kept asking for different things after I had already put him to bed.  Keep in mind that I was downstairs (stairs!), and that I was in my last few weeks of pregnancy, and this was the third or fourth time that he had yelled for me.

Damien:  Moooooom!
Me (yelling back from the living room):  What?!
Damien:  Come here!
Me:  No.
Damien:  Why not?
Me:  Because I'm too tired to come up again.  You're fine.  Go to sleep.




Damien:  Daaaaad?!

This was the point that I should have grabbed the camera and taken a picture of him in his bed.  :)