Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 122

Lunch with Kristie is the perfect way to de-stress the day before having a baby.

Day 121

Watching the storm clouds and lightning with Damien.

Day 120

So we got a used queen-size mattress that we thought would be great for the guest bedroom.  However, it didn't come with the box spring or a frame so we were on the lookout for a couple of months for those as well.  Finally we found this used frame/headboard for sale that didn't need a box spring.  Perfect!  So we bought it, spent three hours+ figuring out how to put it together, and then put the mattress on.  Hooray!!..... wait.  Nooooooo!!

Apparently the people who gave us the mattress were just guessing that it was a queen size.  It was a full sized mattress.  Sigh.

Day 119

Refinishing the desk.

Day 118

Almost there.

Day 117

They are so little!

Day 116

Let the battle begin!

Day 115

"What?!  Plaid, plaid.  It matches!"

Day 114

Damien:  "Look Mom!  I made a banana face!"

Love it.

Day 113

Let me tell you something about Damien...  He is a really great cousin to have around.  He has absolutely jumped into this roll of playmate slash helper slash entertainer for his younger cousins.  Like here, where he is helping Evan down the slide at G&G Wald's house.  (Or Great-G&G Wald's house, depending on which generation you belong to.)  He did this over and over and over, just so Evan could go down the slide.  Proud Momma sittin' right here.

Day 112

I was looking at my flowers today and found the coolest looking beetle on them.  Do you see it?

Here's a close-up.

Anybody know what kind it is?

Day 111

Reason #3 why my dad is cooler than your dad:

He likes to use Christmas dishes for other days like birthdays and (in this case) Father's Day.

Day 110

Hello, happy octopus guy.  You make me smile.  :)

Day 109

No longer a drop-side crib.  I wont tell you how long it took us to accomplish that either.