Friday, September 23, 2011


So that last post (Day 122) was from June 30, 2011.  It is now.... much later.
There are pictures.  Loads of them.  All on my computer, waiting to be posted.  But here's what happened. There was a baby.  A beautiful baby boy that is just so much fun and, let's face it, so much work too.  Oh, and speaking of work, then there was work.  Back to teaching preschool.  Just part-time but still... baby + work.  And starting work meant that the boys were back at school.  Lots of driving back and forth added into the schedule.  Then there was soccer.  Soccer takes over our lives for about six weeks in the fall and then six weeks in the spring.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT, but it's still quite a time-sucker.  Then there was "the calling" for little ol' me.  The big PP.  Super fun to work in primary, but I know how involved it's gonna be.  AND, to top it all off, less than a week after accepting my new calling, Michael found a job!!  Big smiles all around!!  Only glitch?  It's in Colorado.  So he'll be commuting for a while and I'll be playing single mom for four days out of the week.

So let's see... baby + work + school + soccer + Primary President + new job for Michael = crazy busy Emi.

The pictures are still there, and they will be coming.
Sometime soon.
Hopefully.  :)


Julie and Matt said...

So much going on in your life right now. Where in Colorado is Michael's new job? How crazy that you will be moving to Colorado now that I'm not there anymore. We will have to come visit you.

Matt Parks said...

Wow. SO busy! Has your ward already done your Primary Program? Or is that still coming up soon?

Emi said...

Oh, you know... it's next month.

LolleyJolley said...

Yes. Just breath. Lots to do means lots of opportunities to feel accomplishment. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU GET DONE. Make a done list instead of a to-do list. :)