Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16 - Day 16

We realized mid-morning that they all happened to be wearing green.  So I took a picture.  Then I noticed later that they all have grey shorts on too.  I'm all cutesy like that - matching my kids on a random Monday.  Or I'm such an unobservant mom that I didn't even see it for several hours...

July 15 - Day 15

"This sentence is a lie."

July 14 - Day 14

He kept taking it on and off all through the store.  Not sure why.
He was extremely somber about the whole thing.

July 13 - Day 13

Johnny wanted to earn some money, so we tackled some weeds.

July 12 - Day 12

July 11 - Day 11

Silly fun at Cowabunga Bay.

July 10 - Day 10

This might lead to a rude awakening some day.

Oh, and our bid was accepted today!!

July 9 - Day 9

The bid is in.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 8 - Day 8

He's got a tattoo on his forehead because Grandpa got a hold of him and thought it would be funny.
He's eating a ball because it barely fit in his mouth and after all that hard work he was NOT going to spit it out, no matter what his mommy said to him.
He's missing his clothes because he had a blowout and all I had was a winter outfit as a backup in his diaper bag.  (Not gonna happen in ninety-degree-plus weather.)
He's blurry because he was moving away from me as fast as possible.  I think he was worried I was going to take the ball away.

July 7 - Day 7

Having fun with the new birthday toys.

July 6 - Day 6

It's a party!

With loads of good friends...

 (She's so adorable!)

...and family celebrating with us.

(I love the way they're studying each other.)

 There was a fantastic splash pad for the kids and yummy monster grub for everyone.

 Happy birthday Little Monster.

July 5 - Day 5

Sometimes, when I check on them at night, I find them cuddled together in one bed.
I think they were meant to be brothers.

July 4 - Day 4

What happens when you're too sick to care... 
...your baby plays with your lunch dishes on your bed.
I did care later.

July 3 - Day 3

Glowsticks instead of sparklers.  Perfect for the babies.  And their mommies.
(I will admit to playing with several at our family party.  So much fun!)

July 2 - Day 2

Helping with the Church's indexing goal.  The boy's loved it.  It was a struggle to get them off the computer and up to bed at the end of the night.  Who knew?

July 1, 2012 - Day 1

Happy first birthday, Charlie!


I love the idea.  I love that it gets me to take more pictures and record more memories.  The only problem is... I wasn't very good at it the last time.  However, the challenge has been issued and accepted, so here we go again.

365 days of pictures.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bitter and Sweet

One year old.
He's already one year old.
Where did all that time sneak off to?  All those minutes and seconds of him being small and soft and adorable... why can't I account for them all?  Pretty soon this baby will be a boy.  A roaming toddler hunting rocks and getting scrapes and chasing after big brothers.  This precious baby-time of cuddles and chubby thighs and little hands on my neck is quickly ending.  The only thing keeping my tears in (just barely) is the knowledge that the things to come are just as wondrous in their own way.