Sunday, October 21, 2012

September 21 - Day 83

September 20 - Day 82

So many buttons, so little time...

September 19 - Day 81

"Mom!  Mom!  I caught a moth!"
Cool, Damien!
"Gaaaaaahhhh!  It tickles!"

September 18 - Day 80

What can you do with a plastic cup?

You can put it on your head.


You can bite it.

You can crush it.

You can talk into it.

But most of all, you can make your mom laugh with it.  :)

September 17 - Day 79

Take me with you, Dad!

September 16 - Day 78

September 15 - Day 77

Sock Hands!!!!

September 14 - Day 76

Free pamphlets?  Why yes, I would like some.

September 13 - Day 75

Things that I learned today:

-Do NOT fall asleep thinking that your room is baby-proof and that Charlie
can entertain himself for just ten more minutes.
-Nail polish is a fun toy until your child learns how to unscrew lids.
-Charlie knows how to unscrew lids.
-I can sleep through someone painting my neck, face, hair, and clothing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

September 12 - Day 74

He thought my swimsuit was very fashionable and strutted around all evening with it on.
I wish I had that kind of confidence when I wear it.

September 11 - Day 73

September 10 - Day 72

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Angie.

September 9 - Day 71

Johnny's Sunday evening tradition.
Every Sunday.
I'm so spoiled.

September 8 - Day 70

First BYU football game ever and he's soooo excited.  Makes a momma proud!

September 7 - Day 69

Four generations.

September 6 - Day 68

September 5 - Day 67

Found this on Youtube.

September 3 - Day 65


It was like losing a member of the family.  I cried and cried when we drove away.  The Cabin has found it's way into a new family's heart and we are happy for them, even while ours are breaking.  Thank you for everything you build there, G&G.  It was perfect.