Tuesday, November 27, 2012

October 22 - Day 114

This one is for you, Sarah.

October 21 - Day 113

I'm tellin' ya...
...killing and conquest.
It's a boy's life.

October 20 - Day 112

These are my favorite favorite pair of shoes.
They were crazy cheap but they are so simple and sooo comfortable.
Now they're getting scuffed and old and yucky.
I don't want to give them up.
This picture is oddly blurry and wigging my eyes out.
So there you have it.

October 19 - Day 111

October 18 - Day 110

No tea parties and frills at our house.  Here it's all killing and conquest.

October 17 - Day 109

Charlie is part of a vaccination study at our pediatrician's office and he is a super-trooper.  Blood draws are a cinch when they numb your arms up and give you a sucker.

October 16 - Day 108


Saturday, November 17, 2012

October 15 - Day 107

He's so excited about being in cub scouts he asked if he could read his new scout book for his bedtime reading.

October 14 - Day 106

The Pretty-Please Face.

October 13 - Day 105


October 12 - Day 104

The highlight of Charlie's day.  It'll be the highlight of mine too if it helps bring our lawn back in the spring.

October 11 - Day 103

Snail mail = love
There's nothing better than getting a surprise package in the mail.  Unless, of course, it is clever and fun and colorful and sent by a life-long bestie.  The woman has mad sewing skills, is super creative (every time I see the envelope I laugh out loud - and yes, I still have it), and somehow knew that I needed something bright and happy in my box-filled new place.  The only downside was that I wanted to put it in so many places and had to pick just one!
Thanks Angie!

October 10 - Day 102

October 9 - Day 101

Two days in a row.
It's their new favorite thing.
Funny thing - it's mine too.

October 8 - Day 100

October 7 - Day 99

A weekend with the Parkes brothers.

October 6 - Day 98

October 5 - Day 97

This picture just fills me with all kinds of happy giggles.
I love how proud he is that he climbed all the way up on his own.
I love his squinchy eyes!!  He looks like a happy, smiling Pikachu or something.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 4 - Day 96

Look at the creeptastic spider Damien found on our front door.

This thing was so scary looking and there was about thirty minutes of panic while we tried to figure out if it was poisonous and if we needed to spray the entire property to kill all creepy bugs!
But then we found out it was a very non-poisonous Banded Orb-weaving spider, otherwise known as Argiope Trifasciata.  Apparently it's pretty common here but you never see it because it lives outside in the grasses and with it's coloring it blends in really well. Not so much on my front door.  Why was it on my door?  Oh yeah, they like to travel indoors to lay their egg sacks.

Yup, not poisonous but still creepy.  And then it decided to morph into comedy.  They don't like to bite, but they do like to play dead when they feel threatened.  So it rolled onto it's back and splayed it's legs.  It made me laugh.

Aaaaand that was your spider lesson for the day.

October 3 - Day 95

Oh dear, is it time for a nap already?

October 2 - Day 94

He's finally done it!  He's caught the soap!  And the crowd goes WILD!!
Wow, Mark, that took a lot of effort on Parkes' part.  All that from a kid who's never even SEEN a full-sized bar of soap before.
53 attempts with suspense building all the way.  That one will go down in the history books! 

October 1 - Day 93

Walking to school from the new house.  It's actually the first time they have ever walked to school.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

September 30 - Day 92

The day after you move, everyone gets chocolate donuts for breakfast.  It should be a law.

September 29 - Day 91

Moving Day
I hate moving.

September 28 - Day 90

Johnny's turn for a BYU football game.  For his first experience he said he wanted BYU to "Crush Hawaii!"  They didn't disappoint.  :)

September 27 - Day 89


September 26 - Day 88

With all the yuckiness of our new house (it needs lots of fixin' up) this rose really brightened up my day.  Every time I walked past it I thought about how it survived without any watering or anyone to help it grow.  Our new home has tough bones.  Hopefully we can make the whole place beautiful soon.

September 25 - Day 87

Today I am thankful for Zerorez and Magic Erasers.

September 24 - Day 86

Oh, and by the way, we closed on the house today.  Yay!

September 23 - Day 85

Damien's creation.  I have no idea what it is or what's it's for, but I love it.

September 22 - Day 84

I was putting bags of flour into our plastic food storage containers.  I did it on the porch just in case I spilled.  I didn't spill, but I did leave them unattended for a moment while I went inside for something.  I'll let you figure out the rest for yourself...