Sunday, June 30, 2013

May 29 - Day 333

May 28 - Day 332

"Do silly faces and we'll take a picture to send to your dad!"
This is what my niece and nephews came up with.

This is what their dad sent back...

May 26 - Day 330

There are times when the wind blows our flag so beautifully in front of our window and I just sit on the couch, mesmerized.

May 25 - Day 329

May 24 - Day 328

The economy must be bad if Superman is checking at Walmart.

May 23 - Day 327

May 21 - Day 325

General Grievous had his "ear" ripped off to be used as a pirate sword today.

May 20 - Day 324


May 18 - Day 322

May 17 - Day 321

May 16 - Day 320

Went shopping for 3 hours and left my car at the park-n-ride looking like this.
Glad everything was still there when I got back!

May 15 - Day 319

May 14 - Day 318

May 13 - Day 317

Picking a camping spot for next month...

May 12 - Day 316

Damien always pumps up the party.  Love that kid!

May 11 - Day 315

Gotta get me some of that "SUCIDE" soda.

May 10 - Day 314

Michael gave Charlie a flashlight, took him into the bathroom, turned off the lights, and then told him to catch the light.  :)  He spun and spun trying to catch that light and made himself so dizzy!  All three of us couldn't stop laughing!

May 9 - Day 313

Great-Grandma Cox and Charlie sharing style tips.

May 6 - Day 310

May 5 - Day 309

Escorting Great-Grandma Parkes to the car.
I just about melted on the spot.

May 4 - Day 308

May 3 - Day 307

Grandpa Parkes and Damien have become Dr. Mario buddies.

May 2 - Day 306

Thinking about this man today.  He passed away yesterday evening, May 1st.  Mom got the phone call just as we were finishing our celebration dinner for Sarah's graduation.  He was in so much pain for so many years that it was a strange mix of emotions today - excitement and joy at his relief from suffering added to profound sadness from missing one of the people I have loved most in my life.
Love you Grandpa.

May 1 - Day 305

Sarah graduated with her Masters in Public Policy today from the U of U!
Now we get to call her "Master Sarah".  She loves it.  :)

April 30 - Day 304

April 29 - Day 303

I pull a full bucket of weeds just about every day...
...and it's not even making a dent.  Boo.

April 28 - Day 302


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

April 26 - Day 300

Congratulations Becca! Our family's first UVU Graduate!
I love my siblings. :)

April 25 - Day 299

April 24 - Day 298

The hat was his own personal touch.

April 23 - Day 297

He was listening to his echo in the garage.

April 22 - Day 296

He stood there and stared at the hoop for a good five minutes.
He may be a little obsessed.

April 21 - Day 295

Kisses for Mommy because she made at-home "Subway" sandwiches.

April 20 - Day 294

April 19 - Day 293

When Charlie really wants something he grabs my face, presses his nose and lips into mine, and then slowly and deliberately tells me exactly what it is he needs.  I love it every time he does.

April 18 - Day 292

The boys reminded Charlie that it was really funny to lick people.  Charlie was giggling, Michael and I were yelling/squealing, and the older boys were rolling on the floor they were laughing so hard.  So I guess they were right!

April 17 - Day 291

I am loving my new carpet.

April 16 - Day 290

Carpet is being installed today!!

April 15 - Day 289

Charlie's hidey-hole in the stair wall.

April 14 - Day 288

I decided to copy my Dad and leave a note for the boys in their new room.

April 13 - Day 287

Love you too, Dad.

April 12 - Day 286

Getting closer.

April 11 - Day 285

My hands are a little worse for wear from working on the basement.

April 10 - Day 284

April 9 - Day 283

The matchbox cars may have been faster, but the RC truck produced more giggles.

April 8 - Day 282

He shoots...


(Although my favorite was when he would miss and say, "Oh!  Missed!" in such a cute, emphatic voice.)