Thursday, January 24, 2013

December 19 - Day 172


December 18 - Day 171

Poor thing, I think we scared her to death when we found her sleeping in our window well.  She bolted after a few seconds of staring me down and I haven't seen her there since.  But don't worry, we discovered her in another hidey-hole in our back yard a week later.  She seems to be handling the cold weather just fine.  Amazing.

December 17 - Day 170

Charlie is not a giggly kid.  He's a very happy kid.  He's a very smiley kid.  He just doesn't usually laugh out loud.  Which, of course, makes you want him to all the more.  Kristie gave it a valiant effort, tickling his back like a pro.  He was squirming and smiling and letting out the occasional grunt, making her really work for that one real laugh at the end.  It's so worth it.

December 16 - Day 169

December 15 - Day 168

I was taking 100% cranberry juice to try and fend off an impending b. infection.  It's pretty intense stuff.  So naturally we tried to get the boys to drink it.  :)

December 14 - Day 167

December 12 - Day 165

Do you ever take pictures of things with your phone just so you don't have to write them down?

December 11 - Day 164

This year's Christmas card photo.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 1 - Day 154

November 30 - Day 153

Michael introduced us today.  Love em.

November 29 - Day 152

Doesn't this look amazing?!
It tasted even better.
Kristie is a good good good friend.
I might be a little obsessed with Restaurant Forte now.

November 28 - Day 151

Michael was out of town a few nights ago and there came a moment that I needed to get Charlie in the tub, put away groceries, and set out dinner all at the same time. I opted for bathing Charlie since he was screaming. Fifteen minutes later my older boys came in to tell me they had a surprise. They had put away the groceries, cleared and set the table, and put dinner on. They even rolled the silverware in napkins to make it look "fancy".   This was an awesome moment.

November 27 - Day 150

He was obsessed with the babies.  We didn't move from this spot for a half and hour at least!

November 26 - Day 149

November 25 - Day 148

Out cold.

November 24 - Day 147

The new bookshelves turned out great! Pinterest project #2 that actually worked!

November 23 - Day 146

Don't you like to lounge in the fridge in November?

November 22 - Day 145

I know my table decorating skills are woefully inadequate, but I had fun with it and that's all that really matters.  Besides - too many frills on the table and there won't be room for food!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This year we are incredibly grateful that Michael has a wonderful, steady job that's in Utah (Yay!  We didn't have to move!), that I got to quit my job and stay home (looooooove being at home), that we were able to buy a home in the most amazing neighborhood, that they boys have made so many new friends already, and that we're all healthy, happy, and safe.  What a miraculous year this had been!

November 21 - Day 144

We needed some new box springs for the boys at the new house so I started looking at used ones because I saw this cool idea on pinterest for recovering them that I wanted to try.  We finally found two free box springs from a college apartment complex.  They were pretty beat up.

And really gross.  Probably why they were free.

Ew.  But we bought some cheap fabric, dug our staple gun out of a box (finding the staple gun was actually the longest part of this entire project!), and then got to work.  Aaaaaand......

It totally worked!  The one on the right is upside down, just to show how we covered up the bottom.  We still need to add furniture legs, but I'd call this project a success!

November 20 - Day 143

November 19 - Day 142

Would NOT put a shirt on.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

November 15 - Day 138

He's finally talking!
Some of his first words?
"Candy" and "Please".

November 14 - Day 137


November 13 - Day 136

I'm sorry, I can't help but take at least one picture of the naked baby bum.  :)  He was doing his bestest to escape to the safety of the bathtub.

November 12 - Day 135

Sometimes they give me little heart attacks.  I know physics works, I just don't want to demonstrate it on my toddler.
       "Mom!  Watch how high we can swing him!"
                  Um, no.  Just do it normal aaaaaaaand.... I'll take your picture!
*ER visit averted*

November 11 - Day 134

Nobody is as good at reading books to little kids.
I love to sit nearby a listen to him  while pretending to do something else.
Nobody is as good.

November 10 - Day 133

A football game in November that starts at 8:15 pm?
Bring it on!

Several inches of snow on our seats?
No problem!
It just gives them a little padding.

We ARE true blue, through and through.

November 9 - Day 132

Love love love love love love love the snow.

November 8 - Day 131

November 7 - Day 130


November 6 - Day 129

November 5 - Day 128