Tuesday, May 14, 2013

March 24 - Day 267

The neighbors across the street have a beautiful dog that Charlie is absolutely obsessed with.  He loves to watch the dog out our front window, usually yelling at the top of his lungs, "Doddy!  Doddy!  Doddy! Dooooooooooddy!!"

March 23 - Day 266

March 22 - Day 265

March 21 - Day 264


March 20 - Day 263

What pencil marks on the wall?

March 19 - Day 262

More fun with science at scouts.

March 17 - Day 260

March 16 - Day 259

His pants fell off, and that seemed to trigger an immediate need to run wild all through the house.

March 15 - Day 258

March 14 - Day 257

Sitting at the bank, too cool to have their picture taken.

March 13 - Day 256

March 12 - Day 255

Did you know that if you wrap your hand completely and evenly around an egg and then squeeze... it won't break?  I dare you to try it.

March 11 - Day 254

The helpless tree was defended by the fierce knight, who held his position with vigor.  The huge, menacing giant could not advance and grabbed at his face, moaning and howling, but the knight would not let fear grab hold of his heart.

March 10 - Day 253

Framing and electrical are done!

March 9 - Day 252

All those layers give me major squishy-face, but it's totally worth the fish.

March 8 - Day 251

He wouldn't let me have the basket back.

March 7 - Day 250

The dust and the mess never end.

March 6 - Day 249

March 5 - Day 248

Michael and I are Webelos leaders in our ward and, lucky for us, Johnny is in our group.
We have so much fun with these boys!

March 4 - Day 247

March 3 - Day 246

Damien loves the coloring program on The Friend online.
This is his latest masterpiece that he wanted me to save.

March 2 - Day 245

I lost.  At chess.  To Johnny.
He bragged a lot.

March 1 - Day 244

February 28 - Day 243

February 27 - Day 242

February 26 - Day 241

Thirty-two baby guppies.

February 25 - Day 240

It seems like I'm finding lots of older photos lately.  I saw this one on Becca's phone today and "stole" it for my photo of the day.  I love Johnny's face!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

February 24 - Day 239

I was looking through a photo album at my Grandma Wald's house and found
this picture of me and Johnny that I had never seen before.

February 23 - Day 238

Whenever Damien takes a long time in the bathroom he's usually
working on creating as many soapy bubbles as possible.
Above is the picture for today.  Below is a picture from October 2011.

February 22 - Day 237

I've been shot.

February 21 - Day 236

Johnny's 4th grade school program.
I have no idea what's going on with the girls next to him.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013